YO1I have been a collegiate lawyer since September 2013, a profession that matched with my teaching at a Postgraduate School and with the expansion of my training. I love law, although many people may find it boring for me is exciting because it involves ingenuity, creativity, relationship, research, writing, finding solutions, interpretation, confrontation… I love teaching, sharing my knowledge with other people seems to me a most rewarding job, I also love to learn, I always try to learn as much as possible from my teachers, from my students, from my successes, from my mistakes and, in general, from all the people and situations, in this sense I consider myself a little Socratic.

Another of my great passions is the world of Internet and the New Technologies, both is so currently I find studying a grade in engineering computer to distance. I also am pilot drones enabled by the aviation safety agency. The conjunction of my training in right with my knowledge in new technologies I has allowed give my first steps in a sectorimg_20160908_001335_155 in which, little by little and to step safe, I am opening road.

Also am a staunch defender of the environment, what me has led to pursue two Master in law and sustainability and in right and political public environmental that I have allowed to impart teaching in different subjects related with the right environmental.

In addition to these two Master, have another Master in practice legal and currently I am studying another Master in training of the Faculty (can consult my training complete in this link).

I am an outgoing, creative, resilient, responsible and hardworking person that love to constantly meet new professional challenges. If want to know something more about me not dudes in contact me.